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The Barbary Coast Trail® is a San Francisco walking tour that connects the City’s most important historic sites.

Bronze medallions and arrows set in the sidewalk guide you along the trail, drawing you into a world of gold rushers and railroad barons, writers and visionaries, shanghiers and silver kings.

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An excellent introduction to historic San Francisco! Order the guidebook online or get a copy at the Tourist Information Office at the Moscone Center. This is near the beginning of the Barbary Coast Trail. Once you find the trail, you’ll see very clear markers – big bronze plaques more than a foot across embedded in the concrete sidewalk – that indicate every turn of the trail. This is a 3.8 mile walk so get your mind (and feet) ready. It will take you three times as long as you think because every stop is worth spending time to read, study and absorb. And there are 15 significant stops along the way. There are plenty of cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants along the path so you could take time off your tour for lunch. 


Ronald Snyder

SF's Official Trail

The Barbary Coast Trail is San Francisco’s official historical walking tour. The trail is marked with 180 bronze medallions and arrows embedded in the sidewalk, making it easy to follow from one end to the other. 

Along the way you’ll discover San Francisco’s dynamic history from the Gold Rush to the 1906 Earthquake and Fire to the present.

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