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Note: Each of the Audio Tours are about 50 MB, and may take a few minutes for users with a high-speed internet connection to download. The download will take longer for dial-up or cel phone users.

Note: The instructions can vary depending on numerous factors including your MP3 Player, MP3 player software, computer, operating system, etc.

Your download link is active for 48 hours. Be sure to complete your download within that period.

Privacy Policy

Note: If you are purchasing with a smartphone: The audio tour files will be delivered to you in a compressed zip file. Use a free zip file extractor app such as iZip for iPhone or WinZip for Android to extract and listen to the mp3 files.

Step 1
Click on a “Add to Cart” button on the Audio Tour page. You have four choices: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, or Order them all.

Step 2
Read and accept the Terms of Use. A secure PayPal page will open (Note: you do not have to register with PayPal to purchase the Audio Tour). Enter your PayPal or credit card information. Press the Continue button and a File Download page will open.

Step 3
On the File Download page, follow the instructions and save the zipped file(s) to the hard drive of your computer or smartphone.

Step 4
Extract (unzip) all of the files you downloaded. The unzipped folder will contain the Barbary Coast Trail Audio Tour MP3 files and a PDF file of the trail maps. If you need assistance, please email us.


Step 5
Import the Barbary Coast Trail Audio Tour files into the MP3 Player software that you use such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp, among others.

Step 6
Synchronize your portable MP3 Player with your computer.

Open the audio tour folder and click on the PDF file. This will open up Adobe Acrobat and a view of the map. Print the map. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, you can download a free copy at: adobe.com/reader

Part One of the audio tour includes 10 audio segments describing historic sites along a portion of the Barbary Coast Trail. The location of each historic site is marked on your map. Also included is an Introduction segment.

Part Two
includes 15 audio segments plus the same Introduction segment.

Part Three
includes 14 audio segments plus the same Introduction segment. Part One, Part Two and Part Three together describe all the designated

At the beginning of each audio segment, an audio tour guide will announce the Site Name and Location. If you are already at the site, continue playing the segment. If you are not at the site, press your “pause” or “off” button until you reach the site, then press “play” to proceed with the audio segment.

At the conclusion of the recorded site information for each stop, you will hear an Audio Cue, which is the sound of a bell being rung. The Audio Cue will indicate that the audio portion for that site has concluded.

Please be careful crossing the streets, look both ways, cross only at cross-walks and only when you have a green light. We recommend that you only listen to the Audio Tour when you have arrived at your stop and are standing in front of the site. For your safety, DO NOT listen to the Audio Tour or anything else on your MP3 Player when you are crossing any street.

To the extent that you experience any problems with downloading and listening to the Barbary Coast Trail Audio Tour, please send us an email to info@barbarycoasttrail.org. In your email, be sure to include your name, phone number and email address.

Additionally, please describe the specific nature of the problem you experienced. In order that we can help better troubleshoot and continually improve the user experience, please also include the following information:
• Computer type (Dell, HP, Apple, etc.)
• Computer Operating System (Apple OSX, Windows XP, etc.)
• Smartphone type (iPhone, Android, Galaxy, etc.)
• MP3 Player (iPod, Sony, Dell, etc.)
• MP3 Player Software (Winamp, iTunes, etc.)
• Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc.)
• Internet Connection (Dial-up, DSL, WiFi, etc.)

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