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  David Ice designed and created the Barbary Coast Trail website. David helps companies build the visual tools needed to run their business, including brochures, logos, and web sites. His clients run the gamut from large corporations to small startups.

Disher Music & Sound
The Barbary Coast Trail Audio Tour was created at Disher Music and Sound a San Francisco-based audio post-production facility specializing in music composition, sound design, and mixing.

Tom Disher composed the theme music for the Barbary Coast Trail Audio Tour, as well as several other musical pieces incorporated in the tour. Tom has always been passionate about music and sound. Since founding Disher Music & Sound in 1993, the Emmy award winning composer and sound designer has produced countless musical compositions and soundtracks for commercials, documentaries, features, and the interactive realm.

Dianne Nicolini is the introduction narrator on the Barbary Coast Trail audio tour. Dianne has worked as a radio announcer for Classical 102.1 KDFC since 1995. She is a fourth generation native of Oakland and graduated from Cal in Dramatic Art and has a master's degree in Theater from the University of Missouri.

Ross Wilson recorded, engineered, and mixed the Barbary Coast Trail Audio Tour. Ross has over a decade of experience in the Bay Area radio industry, first as on-air engineer, then as creative/production director at one of SF’s heritage FM stations, where he honed his skills as voice talent, copywriter and producer.

A man of many talents, he also enjoys pre-eminent status in the Bay Area as one of a mere handful of professional trumpet/trombonists in the country.

Daniel Bacon wrote and narrated the Barbary Coast Trail Audio Tour. He founded the trail in 1994, and in collaboration with the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, he supervised its creation.

KQED KQED generously allowed us to use the theme music for the Barbary Coast Trail Audio Guide. KQED originally commissioned Disher Music and Sound to compose the music for its program Sin, Fire, and Gold! the days of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast.

San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

The Barbary Coast Trail is a project of the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society. The Society is is a non-profit organization focused on preserving, interpreting, and presenting the historical heritage of San Francisco, from its variegated natural history to its lively human history.

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